Final judgment on gas extraction in Groningen on July 3th

Gepubliceerd op 24 juni 2019

On Wednesday, July 3th 2019 at 10:15 am the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State will issue its final judgment on the decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs & Climate to approve NAM's extraction of gas from the Groningen gas field.

Special session

The judgment will be made public at a special session. The chairman of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division, mr. Bart Jan van Ettekoven, will read its decision and some considerations that have led to this judgment. This special session is expected to last about ten minutes.

Judgment available online at 10:30 am

It is not necessary to be present at the special session. At 10:30 am, the full text of the judgment (in Dutch) and a press release in English will be published on the website of the Council of State.

Public facilities

The special session will take place in courtroom 2 in the building of the Council of State on Kneuterdijk 22 in The Hague. There are approximately 30 seats available for those interested. It is not possible to reserve seats.

Services for the media

Audio-visual media
Audio-visual media are allowed to make video and audio recordings of the special session. In case of an unexpectedly high number of attendees, the Council of State may limit the admission to the special session.

Press photographers will be allowed to take pictures during the special session.

Written press
Journalists are also welcome at the special session. There will be no seats reserved for them, unlike during the public hearing of the case.

Press judge
From 10:30 am till 11.30 am a press judge will be available to answer questions from the media. Sign up Journalists interested in attending the special session are asked to sign up before Monday, July 1st by noon by sending a message to

Questions? Please contact Gert-Jan Klapwijk.