Climate Expert Group

To ensure that its assessment of the government’s climate policy is accurate, the Advisory Division is keen to consult external experts in the relevant field.


To this end, in September 2019 the vice-president of the Council of State set up a Climate Expert Group consisting of:

prof. dr. F. (Floor) Alkemade

dr. P.A. (Pieter) Boot

prof. mr. N.S.J. (Niels) Koeman

prof. dr. G. (Goda) Perlaviciute

prof. dr. D.P. (Daan) van Soest

prof. dr. H. (Harmen) Verbruggen

These external experts will be in post until 1 January 2025, after which date they may be reappointed.


Under the legislation governing the Council of State and the regulations governing the duties of the Advisory Division, in specific cases the Advisory Division must be able to consult external experts. The Division can set up an expert group for this purpose.