Working arrangements CPB

Pursuant to the Law of sustainable public finances Act (HOF), the Advisory Division of the Council of State as an independent body charged with monitoring compliance with EU fiscal rules.

That stems from the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (VSCB) and Article 5 of Regulation 473/2013 / EU. The legislator in the Law Court the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) is responsible for making independent forecasts and analyzes. The Advisory Division can make use of it in its assessment and, if necessary, appeal to the CPB for additional information on the assessments and additional analyzes they need for the proper exercise of independent budget oversight. The legislator has distinguished in this way between the more normative assessment and (partly administrative) weighting of compliance with fiscal commitments and independent forecasting and analysis.

The CPB has a long tradition of producing independent forecasts and analyzes for fiscal policy, such as estimates of the (structural) budget balance, the expenditure rule and the debt criterion. The independent positioning of the CPB simplifies the task of the regulatory body considerably in the Netherlands. In other European countries, the regulator often also responsible for assessing the quality and independence of the forecasts and analyzes produced by governmental departments. The CPB has seventy years of experience in the field of providing independent analysis and forecasts. Ministers or Secretaries of State may not give any instructions for the research or the contents of the reports from the planning agencies (see Note 4 of the Notes to the Prime Minister for Planning Agencies, Government Gazette 21-02-12).

In the opinion of the CPB and Advisory Division of the Council of State provides the design chosen by the legislature a good basis for effective fulfillment of their respective roles in the independent budget oversight provided this is done in good cooperation and respect for each other's position .

To this end, they have made the following arrangements:

1) The necessary current and independent estimates of the review to the European budget rules can be derived by the Advisory Division of publications of the CPB, such as the Central Economic Plan and Macro Economic Outlook.

2) The Advisory Division may request the benefit arising from the independent budget oversight and the resulting requests to perform CPB analyzes and reports to prepare.

3) The Advisory Division and the CPB consultations at least once a year about the need of the Advisory Division of estimates and analyzes related to budgetary surveillance.

4) The working arrangements between CPB and Advisory Division of the Council of State made public.

5) Based on the experiences periodic review of the working arrangements should be supplemented or amended.