Working arrangements with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

The Climate Act also stipulates that the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) shall issue a climate and energy investigation once a year to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate (KEV). The KEV is a scientific report on the consequences of the implemented climate policy.

In the execution of its task, the Advisory Division uses the KEV and can request additional analyses and calculations. With this, the Climate Act provides a division of tasks between the PBL on the one hand, which drafts independent analyses and estimates regarding the consequences of the implemented climate policy and the Advisory Division on the other hand, which examines normative verification and administrative considerations regarding the climate policy in the light of the climate goals.

The PBL has experience with independent analyses and estimates. Ministers or state secretaries are unable to give any directions with respect to the research methods or content of the reports generated by the planning agencies (see Note 4 of the Notes to the Prime Minister for Planning Agencies).

The Advisory Division and the PBL have made the following working arrangements:

  1. Nature of the information

The KEV contains estimates that are used to form an opinion of whether the climate policy will lead to the achievement of the climate goals in the Climate Act. The KEV contains a summary in this regard.

  1. Timely information

The Advisory Division receives drafts of the KEV in its preparation phase from the PBL. The drafts in the preparation phase concern (successively) a summary of the (confirmed and intended) policy that has served as the starting point for the KEV, an overview of the draft results from the entire KEV, the complete draft KEV, summary and definitive draft KEV.

  1. Further information

In the execution of its task and the questions that arise as a result of this, the Advisory Division can ask the PBL to provide additional analyses and supplementary information.

  1. Consultation

The Advisory Division and PBL consult at least once a year concerning the Advisory Division’s need for analyses, calculations and information. The Council of State acts as an observer in the KEV advisory group.

  1. Publication of Memorandum of Understanding

The working arrangements between the PBL and the Advisory Division will be made public.

  1. Evaluation

It will be determined whether or not these working arrangements must be supplemented or altered periodically based on experiences.